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What's New:

I'm proud to announce a new addition to the Future Tech line - introducing the Corporate Lab! This building is ideally suited for wargames with a technologically advanced futuristic setting, such as BattleTech or Robotech Tactics. Grab yours today!

If you're in the European community and are interested in picking up this new release, it will also be available through Vanguard Miniatures very soon, too.

I'm also pleased to announce a few changes to how orders are handled, which should make it easier to get the products you want within a faster timeframe. Previously, the webstore only allowed customers to order items listed as in stock at the time, while depleted items had to wait for me to build up another stockpile and then add it to the store. However, this doesn't represent our production capabilities accurately - when a customer wants one or two of a particular product, it's usually quite fast and easy to cast up a few more for them and send the order on its way, without having to build up a new stockpile first. So, here's a quick list of changes being made that should make things run a bit more smoothly:

  • Stocks of each item will still be maintained for quick availability, but won't be shown live on the webstore (since our products are also sold through other channels, it was difficult to keep the total on the site accurate anyway). Any item that's currently available will be shown as In Stock
  • If an item shows up on the store as Out of Stock, that means that it's temporarily unavailable due to some kind of production issue (such as mold replacement or pending redesign). You won't be able to add it to your order, but you can request to be notified once it becomes available again
  • When you place an order, if we don't have enough of each product you want on hand, we'll produce more specifically for your order (and get to work refilling the supply, too)
  • Orders will have a turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days to account for any casting needed, but since there will still be stock on hand for most items at any given time, most orders will ship faster
  • If for some reason your order can't be completed and shipped within 5 business days, we'll notify you of the delay via email. If you don't want to wait for your order, we'll work out a solution with you. This could include substituting a different product, refunding the amount paid for the items that are unavailable, or refunding your order completely if you desire

Hopefully this should make it easier for you to get the models you want, faster and easier than ever before!

Lastly in this giant wall of text, I wanted to show you a quick peek at some of the progress on the next project for release...


About Wasteland Game Studio

Wasteland Game Studio is a resin-casting company specializing in small-scale terrain pieces for miniature wargames. We got our start in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter project to begin the creation of a range of 6mm Wargame Buildings.

Wasteland Game Studio was founded by Chris Shepard, a longtime hobbyist and member of the games retail industry.