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What's New:

The Urban Streets tile sets are now available once again! I'm continuing to laser up more, so if you don't see the quantities on hand that you'd like to order, please just send me message, email or stock notification request and I'll let you know as soon as I have more available.

I'm pleased to announce that the much-awaited High Gothic Flak Tower is finally available to order! This kit incorporates new molding techniques that mean that despite being our largest building on offer, it is also the easiest to assemble. No measuring or trimming corner pieces required.

The Flak Tower will also be available through Vanguard Miniatures, so if you're in the European community and want a quicker and easier way to pick one up, they have you covered!


About Wasteland Game Studio

Wasteland Game Studio is a resin-casting company specializing in small-scale terrain pieces for miniature wargames. We got our start in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter project to begin the creation of a range of 6mm Wargame Buildings.

Wasteland Game Studio was founded by Chris Shepard, a longtime hobbyist and member of the games retail industry.