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What's New:

Good news for customers in the UK, and Europe in general - Wasteland Game Studio buildings and other products are now available from Vanguard Miniatures! This should mean quicker shipping and less headaches with customs and import fees. You can find Vanguard Miniatures right here.

Stock levels in the online store have dropped off a bit since I've been busy supplying Vanguard, but that should be corrected shortly (sorry for the wait!). A couple new products are also getting close to ready... I can't quite announce what all of them are yet, but one of them rhymes with "Hack Flower" :P


About Wasteland Game Studio

Wasteland Game Studio is a resin-casting company specializing in small-scale terrain pieces for miniature wargames. We got our start in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter project to begin the creation of a range of 6mm Wargame Buildings.

Wasteland Game Studio was founded by Chris Shepard, a longtime hobbyist and member of the games retail industry.